Coffee FAQ

Q. Why can't I just come in and get several bags off the shelves?

A. You can, but because we roast only what we project will be needed for one week we may not have enough of the type that you want. In order to have a fair amount for you and others that would like our coffees, we simply ask that you give us a heads up or pre-order your selections.

Q. Why don't you have all the flavors on the shelves?

A. We have so many signature blends and flavors if we were to offer all of them during peak season we would not be able to keep them all fresh. Also, some flavors only do well seasonally. Most people do not want to drink Pumpkin Spice in July, it takes away from the special/seasonal effect.

Q. Why isn't the coffee already ground?

A. We will sell no grind before its time. Once coffee is ground it loses freshness quickly.  We may choose to grind Sample Bags during busy times to help with the traffic flow within our small store.

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